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Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program (SKGEP) has been instrumental in enhancing organizational competitive maturity, raising overall standards of performance and in particular brought in fundamental change, which is gradually enabling the UAE Government; maintain its course towards accomplishing its strategic objectives. To further accelerate the momentum of excellence enabled performance of all federal entities, a new assessment model (4G Excellence Model) used with the intent of inducing transformational thinking in government, assess innovative capabilities and measure performance outcomes’ impact holistically in core areas where there is a direct link with vision 2021.

The SKGEP strives to achieve this vision by applying the mission statement aiming to reach excellent results of the performance and human resources of the UAE public sector through the application of an international excellence model and various and on-going development initiatives enhancing the culture of innovation, loyalty and excellence among all public employees. This in turn will make the UAE public sector a true symbol of excellence, innovation and development, which will achieve the mission of the "government of excellence" in providing an investment friendly environment, contributing in the creation of sustainable development and prosperity and enhancing the role of the UAE in becoming a regional hub for the world economy in realization of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai is an international air conditioning enterprise which has integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. So far, it has developed three brands, namely GREE, TOSOT and KINGHOME, with a wide product range which includes residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, air source water heaters, smart phones, home appliances, refrigerators, etc.

The company has its headquarters in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city in south of China, with nearly 80,000 employees. Gree has established 11 production bases around the world, 9 are located in China, another 2 in Brazil and Pakistan. Moreover, it has 5 bases of renewable resources in Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhu and Tianjing, and 6 subsidiary companies (Lamda Compressor Co. Ltd., Gree Electrical Co. Ltd., Kaibang Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd., Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd, Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd and Precision Mould Co. Ltd), covering the entire supply chain from production of core parts and components to the recovery of waste products.

Now Gree are authorized to establish “State Key Laboratory of Green Air-conditioning Equipment and System”,“National Engineering Research Center of Green Refrigeration Equipment” and “National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center”, one National Industrial Design Center, one Robot Engineering R&D Center and Air Conditioning Institute, Motor Technology Institute, Home Appliances Technology Institute, Intelligent Equipment Technology Institute, New Energy and Environment Technology Institute, Health Technology Institute, Communication Technology Institute, Robot Institute and Numerical Control Punching Machine Institute, a total 9 institutes, 52 research institutions and 727 advanced laboratories,over 10,000 researchers. Gree has developed 16 “world leading” technologies: ultra-low temperature digital VRF, high-efficiency centrifugal chiller, 1Hz low-frequency control technology, research and application of inverter air conditioner key technologies, super high-efficiency fix-speed compressor, R290 environment-friendly air conditioner, multi-functional floor heating type central air conditioner, permanent synchronous inverter centrifugal chiller, rare earth free magnetic resistance inverter compressor, 2-stage inverter compressor, PV direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller and magnetic suspension inverter centrifugal cooling compressor and chiller,high-efficiency permanent-magnet synchronous inverter centrifugal ice-storage chiller, cooling technology at ambient temperature of 40℃, research and application of triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio, research and application of distributed air supply technology in heat pump air conditioners. Gree products are classified into 20 categories, 400 series, and over 12700 models, with more than 29903 technology patents, including 12247 invention patents. They are sold widely in more than 160 countries and regions, to more than 300 million users all across the world.

Since 2005, Gree has topped No.1 in production and sales volume of residential air conditioners for 12 consecutive years. In 2006, it was awarded “World Brand”. In 2015, Gree achieved sales revenue of 110.113 billion RMB, with net profit of 15.421 billion RMB and tax payment of 13.075 billion RMB. Gree has paid tax up to 81.413 billion RMB in total, being No.1 in terms of tax payment in China home appliances industry for 15 consecutive years.

Juran, founded in 1979, is your on-demand team of trainers, coaches, and expert consultants. Built upon the philosophies laid out by Dr. Juran, the father of quality, we put you on the fast track to results by designing improvement initiatives that actually work. We aim to help all organizations achieve the highest quality of products, people, and processes, and we understand the importance of transferring our knowledge to your team to guarantee the success of your program in the future.We believe the most difficult issues can be solved when organizations empower their people to learn continuously and apply that knowledge to creating solutions.

Combined, our team has 235 years of experience, traveled over 22.5 million miles to work with our clients in person, and trained over 10,000 Lean and Six Sigma experts.We possess multi-lingual presentation capabilities including English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.

We offer complete client support including assessments, executive coaching, classroom training, virtual workshops (with a live instructor), webinars and conferencing, learning pocket guides, e-Learning, and diagnostics software.

China Quality, founded in 1980, is a professional magazine led and published by China Association for Quality (CAQ). With a vision of globalization and values of Independent, Exclusive, Original and Unique, China Quality presents cutting-edge theories and best practices in quality management by diversified perspectives, forming its own operation idea: disseminating modern concepts of quality and promoting excellent management practices. It is also equipped by such operational style: professional, academic and instructive, perfectly received by leaders and quality managers of various organizations.

It has established long-term cooperation relations on copyright with the journals including Quality Progress of American Society for Quality (ASQ), Action & Performance of Association Françaises de Normalisation (AFNOR), and Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit (QZ) of Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (HANSER). Anyone interested in cooperation are always welcome to reach us anytime.

* Independent: independent thinking; exclusive: exclusive findings; original: original ideas; unique: unique perspective


Office of Editor in Chief: +86-10-66032340
Editorial Department: +86-10-66079100-404
Circulation Department: +86-10-66079133

* China Association for Quality (CAQ), established on August 31, 1979, is China's largest social organization in the field of quality.

CAQ offers services including training, quality research, quality evaluation, international exchange, examination & certification, system registration and consulting. CAQ carries out quality promotion activities including promotion of performance excellence model and QC circle activities, covering 18 sectors and all regions of China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The mission of CAQ is leading all quality endeavors to build a quality world; CAQ vision is to become a quality organization with domestic authority and crucial global influence; CAQ core values are responsible, professional, innovative and win-win.

»Simplygood – Revives, Refreshes, Strengthens«, a trademark of SG Guzelj d.o.o., has been delighting lovers of quality beverages and other vending services for twenty-two years. Since its establishment more than twenty years ago, the company has been committed to three key objectives: (1) ensuring the continuous quality of its products and services, (2) quick responsiveness, and (3) an amazing work team. In order to achieve these goals, great attention is paid to the continuous education of our employees, as well as to close cooperation with vending machine manufacturers and especially with product suppliers. The company's commitment to quality and business excellence is demonstrated by its partnership relationship with other companies, the satisfied customers who use our vending machines on a daily basis, and the highly motivated employees who take care of the quality of our products and services.

The company holds two ISO standards, the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001, and is proud of its "Family-Friendly Company" Certificate.

The ELES Company ensures the safe, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electricity. ELES is the guardian of Slovenia’s electric power transmission system, which is closely connected to the transmission networks of neighbouring countries and integrated into the European energy system.

Our responsibility is that electricity is always at hand, ensuring the consumers can meet their needs and wishes at any time.

ELES is the operator of the electric power transmission network of the Republic of Slovenia. With a professional approach, know-how and advanced technology, ELES has been providing safe, reliable and uninterrupted electric power transmission throughout Slovenia and across the borders for 90 years. Thus, the company connects people and ensures quality of life. ELES endeavours to strategically, responsibly and sustainably plan, construct and maintain Slovenia’s high-voltage transmission network in three voltage levels: 400 kV, 220 kV and a part of 110 kV.

ELES is an important and solid backbone of the Slovenian electric power industry and a guardian of the Slovenian electric power system. Its key responsibility is the safe and reliable operation of the electric power system.

It interconnects all the main actors in the Slovenian electric power transmission network:

  • power plants providing electric power for the transmission network;
  • five distribution companies;
  • five larger consumers, the so-called direct customers, which offtake electricity from the transmission network, and four larger consumers (steel-works and TALUM) with the status of a closed distribution system.

Impol is a flexible and innovative company engaged in reprocessing aluminium in state-of-the-art semi-finished goods that constitute the wide range of our products and successfully meet the needs of various industries. Our basic competitive advantages are flexibility and versatility as the company meets the various needs of demanding costumers with whom we devotedly cooperate in the development of alloys and products.

Our vision encompasses continuous focus on improving processes and products, on growth and on attaining higher quality, thereby successfully increasing manufacturing, expanding the volume of sales and raising product added value. Satisfactory results are achieved by systematically organising development and by introducing new projects and investments with caution and care. Not only has our manufacturing and added value per employee double during the last ten years, but the company has also been involved in various demanding projects that have greatly contributed to the development of science.  Our most important achievements include the participation in the development of nanotechnology and the manufacturing of alloys applied by the satellite that has already travelled through space.

Our tradition is based on a fair attitude towards employees. We are committed to the establishment of sound working conditions for our employees and the preservation of their health and safety. We strive to minimise negative impact on the environment. Since we are integrated in the local environment, we continuously foster care for coexistence with the local inhabitants, accelerate the development of social activities and contribute to a better quality of life.