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Slovenščina EOQ Congress


Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Workshop 1
15.00-18.00 Quality&Business Performance
Managing for Quality Instead of Merely Managing Quality - Improving the Quality of Business
Gregory H. Watson
Workshop 2
15.00-18.00 Quality&Environment
Quality Management in the Service of Planet Earth
Ramanathan Narayanan, Roman Kunič
Workshop 3
15.00-18.00  Quality&SME
Quality & SME: Experiences from the Basque Country (Spain)
Fernando Sierra
Understanding Simple Lean - how to use some effective and powerful proven tools
Richard Keegan
19.30 Welcome party
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  Welcome speaches:
  Janez Benčina, President of the Organizing committee
  Miro Cerar, Slovenian Prime Minister
  Torolf Paulshus, EOQ President
  Digital Transformation - 3 really big trends, 4 action fields and 3 lessons learned
Tim Cole, Internet-Publizist, Germany
  Quality Leadership in a Nanosecond
Joseph A. DeFeo, Juran Institute, USA
  Quality Driven Business Transformation: What You Don't Know
Tory Johnson, IBM Systems, USA
10.30-11.00 Break
PLENARY SESSION, 11.00-12.30
  Quality Drives Efficiency
Gregory H. Watson, Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd., Finland
  Rising Economics Power of Quality
Patricia C. La Londe
  Ensuring competence by accredited certification of persons
Thomas Facklam
, EA European Co-operation for Accreditation
  Guarantee of Quality is the Social Responsibility for an Enterprise
Dong Mingzhu
, GREE Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China
12.30-14.30 Lunch break
PUBLIC / GOVERNMENTALModule chair: Mirko Stopar
  Quality without Borders
David Hutchins, International Quality College, UK
  The Impact of Technological Advances on the Quality of Justice
Marilyn Dyason, The Wheelhouse, UK
  Concept of « In Vivo » Evaluation to exceed Deming Wheel methodology
David Gil, Patrick Palmier, Celine Depiere, Chargé d'études ITS au Cerema Nord-Picardie, France
  Quality of university and comprehensive approach to its assessment
Milan Hutyra, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  Challenges and Experiences of Pilot Project Big Data in Ministry of Public Administration
Karmen Kern Pipan, Jurij Bertok, Igor Kotnik, Ministry of Public Adminitration of Republic Slovenia
HEALTHCAREModule chair: Sergej Hojker
  ISO 16355 for Digital Health Records
Glenn Mazur, QFD Institute, ICQFD, USA
  A Method for Standardization of Rehabilitation Interventions
Shogo Kato, National Center for Child Health and Development, Japan
  The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement: Standardised outcomes that matter most to patients
Charlotte J Roberts, ICHOM, Hamilton House, UK
  Hand hygiene - E education
Jana Lavtižar, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
  Electronic Consultation between Family Doctor and Clinical Specialist - Presentation of Pilot Project in Gorenjska Region
Karmen Janša, Aleksander Stepanović, Janez Poklukar, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
  The approach to early detection and prevention of traumatologist's patients status
Polonca Rihtaršič, Zorica Panić, Tjaša Čebašek, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
  iTool for quality improvement and optimization of working processes in health-care institutions
Darja Perko, Eurotronik Kranj d. o. o., Slovenia
INDUSTRYModule chair: Anton Petrič
  From Quality to Excellence - an example from the food industry
Nataša Gladovič, Rajko Novak, Atlantic Grupa, Slovenia
  Ten Tips for Root Cause Analysis
Matthew Barsalo, BorgWarner Turbo Systems Engineering GmbH, Germany
  Increasing value of measuring data – Efforts to preventive quality assurance systems (PQAS)
Robert Hofmann, Sophie Gröger, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
  Research on Application of Aerospace Product Successful Data Envelope analysis
Jing Quan, Li Jingyuan, China academy of launch vehicle technology, China
  Risk-oriented Supply Chain Quality Management
Nina Kandler-Schmitt, Andrássy Universität Budapest, Hungary
ENERGYModule chair: Ivan Šmon
  Smart Grid in Customer Service
Siret Kegel, Elektrilevi OÜ, Estonia
  Evaluation of Design Process Capacity Based on SPC
Fan Yuan, Wen Yi, Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
  How to involve the employees in process thinking
Peter Hvastja, Energetika Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Quality Control of Calorific Value and Relative Density of Natural Gas in the Slovenian Transmission System
Bogdan Blagojevič, Marjan Eberlinc, Franc Žlahtič, Plinovodi d.o.o., Slovenia
  Lean- But, not as we know it! - The Irish Experience
Richard Keegan, Enterprise Ireland, Ireland
  Objective scoring models measure quality as fraction of excellence
Manfred Fehr, Federal University, Institute of Geography, Brazil
  Leading Quality in the 21st Century: profiles of Quality and Organizational Excellence Managers
Luis Miguel Fonseca, José Pedro Domingues, ISEP-IPP - School of Engineering Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
  ISO 9001: 2015 AS A BASIS FOR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN SMEs - Case Studies from Serbia
Vidosav D. Majstorović, Mirjana Velimirović, Marija Glišić, Nemanja Gligorijević, Vladeta Bošković, Oliver Stanarević, Milan Rančić, University of Belgrade, Serbia
16.00-16.30 Break
DIGITAL AGENDA AND INDUSTRY 4.0Module chair: Gregor Hauc
  Planning the Quality Management Organization with the Systematic Support of a Web Application
Falk Behmer, Roland Jochem, Jan Zedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, Germany
  Smart factory: experience from IKEA
Rožle Penca, Smart Factory, Slovenia
  Automatization of internal logistic using automatic guided vehicles
Igor Lekše, Janez Sluga, Dominik Rajšelj, TPV d.o.o., Slovenia
  Informatization and Quality Management
Wang Guohua, Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
  Quality beyond ISO 9001 - "agile quality management"
Anni Koubek
, Quality Austria, Austria
  Out of the crisis of the quality profession: The new renaissance in the quality discipline
Juhani Anttila, Kari Jussila, International Academy for Quality (IAQ), Finland
  QP - Becoming an inspiring Leader to transform Quality
Mila Božič, BE-i Institute, Slovenia
  How to overcome resistance to change
Peter Kunc, Institut SCIENTIS, Slovenia
  Crisis of Quality Management
Alexander Linczényi, Renata Nováková, Faculty of Material Sciences and Technology in Trnava, Slovak Republic
  Integrated management of quality, digitalization and innovation
Lars Sörqvist, International Academy for Quality (IAQ), Sweden
  Quality Management 4.0: Skills and Competencies to Master the Challenge
Hans-Jürgen August, Siemens Convergence Creators, Austria
  Changing Competencies for the Quality Professional to Succeed in the Future
Elizabeth M. Keim, Patricia C. La Londe, Managing Partner, Integrated Quality Resources, LLC, USA
  Quality management and managing quality in banking (financial) sector
Franjo Štiblar, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Cradle to Cradle
Albin Kälin, Marko Krajner, EPEA Switzerland GmbH (CEO), Switzerland
  Societal Quality: The Means to Thriving in a Healthy Planet
Ramanathan Narayanan, SRF Limited, India
  Circular Economy: A process view on developing high quality products
Julia Schmitt, Erik G. Hansen, Institute for Integrated Quality Design (IQD); Johannes Kepler University Linz
  Effective Waste Management As Part of The Concept of Circular Economy
Miroslav Drljača, Aviation Airport Academy & Croatian Quality Managers Societ, Croatia
  Product Development Capability Assessment in Aerospace Projects
Ali Serdar Gültekin, Serhat Gümüş, TUSAS Aerospace Industries Inc, Turkey
  Wooden windows in circular economy
Aleš Ugovšek, Barbara Šubic, M SORA d.d., Slovenia
EOQ PRODUCT PORTFOLIOModule chair: Torolf Paulshus
  Continual Improvement Model Update
Gregory H. Watson, Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd., Finland
  National Quality Mark Recognized by EOQ
Zoran Lekič, Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, Slovenia
  EOQ personnel certification - scheme development activities and recognition status at EA
Thomas Votsmeier, German Society for Quality, Germany
  COC - COB Certification Scheme
Onur Seçkin, Turkish Standards Institution, Turkey
  Kwinta Knowledge: Just the Right Amount of Info on the Moment You Need It
An Kint, Flemish Quality Management Centre, Belgium
Patrick Mongillon, France Qualité, France
20.00 Gala dinner
Thursday, October 12, 2017
PUBLIC / GOVERNMENTALModule chair: Mirko Stopar
  Government Excellence System - Sustainability and outcomes impact on the Future of the Government Organizations
Mohammad Habib, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, UAE
  Partnership for Change Programme
Nina Langerholc Čebokli, Ministry of Public Adminitration of Republic Slovenia
  An Industrial Experience in CMMI L5 Improvement Opportunity: Implementing Usability
Hakan Simsek, Onur Erdogan, Nesibe Ozen Cinar, Fatih Tekmen, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Software Technologies Research Institute, Turkey
  Status of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises: Based on Quality Management Surveys
Xin Sun, Jiankun Zhao, Qing Lu, China Association for Quality, China
  Research on Logistics Service Quality Control Considering Reference Dependence and Fair Concern under Demand Update
Zhang Cui-hua, Li Chun-yu, Shi Quan-jie, I.E. Project Center, Department of Industrial Engineering, School of Business Administration, Northeastern University China, China
HEALTHCAREModule chair: Sergej Hojker
  Transforming Healthcare and Improving Lives with IBM Watson Cognitive Technology
Elmer Corbin, ASQ, USA
  Success Story of the Geriatric Health Centres of the city of Graz
Gerd Hartinger, Geriatric Health Centres of the city of Graz, Austria
  The Role of Technology in the Quality Improvement Training of Medical Trainees: A Critical Review
Grace Brannan, Christopher Stewart, Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, USA
  Change management for Productivity Improvement in Hospital using Structured Documentation System for Nursing
Satoko Tsuru, Akira Shindo, Shizuka Morimatsu, Kumiko Sudo, Akihide Masumoto, Miho Omori, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  Involving employees in the improvement process-a key factor in ensuring the continued growth of quality in organizaciji
Breda Pavlenč, Tanja Pristavec, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
  Burnout Syndrome - An Indication of Organizational Climate and Culture
Sandra Jerebic, Mojca Strgar, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
  Integration and control of implemented quality measures, risks and objectives
Brigita Putar, Jernej Tomšič, Topolsica Hospital, Slovenia
  Poster: Assessing the cost of diabetes mellitus related acute cardiovascular events in Slovenia: Building the evidence base for improved treatment and disease management practices
Karmen Janša, Aleša Lotrič Dolinar, Petra Došenović Bonča, Jurij Stariha, Jesenice General Hospital, Slovenia
INDUSTRYModule chair: Anton Petrič
  Preventive Quality Management for mobility services using data analytic methods
Naya von Randow, Arne Ramm, Robert Dust, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
  The development and historical retrospection of Space systems-Closed Loop Problem Solving Management
Zhang tao, Beijing institute of space long march vehicle, China
  Innovation and practice of aerospace products closed loop problem solving management
Yang Shuangjin, Li Jingyuan, Wang Liwei, China academy of launch vehicle technology, China
  Quality Lean Management System (QLMS)
Vadim Lapidus, Alexander Grachev, Alexei Olukhov, «Centr Prioritet», Russia
  Harald Eik, Glencore Nikkelverk AS - Norway
Eik Harald, Glencore Nikkelverk AS, Norway
ENERGYModule chair: Ivan Šmon
  Quality with Regard to the Sustainable Development Methodology
Marta Svoljsak Jerman, Alenka Ott Saponia, Marko Rozman, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Involving consumers in the programmes of consumption adjustment by using dynamic tariffing within the European project FLEX4GRID
Kristijan Koželj, Damjan Bobek, Anton Kos, Elektro Celje, d.d., Slovenia
  The digital technology development in Instrument and Control system of nuclear power plant
Lu Yeming, Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
  EFQM model as the key strategic and operational tool towards the digital era
Mateja Nadižar Svet, Peter Baloh, Elektro Gorenjska, d .d., Slovenia
  Analysis of the Creating of Corporate Quality Culture
Yong Hui, Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
  Poster: Importance of Control Stages in Quality Control
Ogun Basgoz, Mitas Energy and Metal Construction Inc., Turkey
  Key element for SME's competitiveness
Fernando Sierra, EUSKALIT, Basque Foundation for Excellence, Spain
  Quality & IMS knowledge-based system build on TWiki platform
Arben Memo, Ermal Çifligu, Leonat Luli, Besmir Zanaj, Dep. of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University, Albania
  The role of the Quality Manager in developing economies for transforming the organisations towards excellence using the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Model
Gentian Muça, Leonat Luli, Enilda Lama, Arben Memo, European Quality Safety Control, Certifying Body, Albania
  Protected Food & Wine Products as Driving Forces of Gastronomic Tourism Development in Slovenia and Hungary
Aleš Gačnik, Mihály Vörös, University of Primorska, Department of Cultural Tourism, Slovenia
  Poster: Anti-Bribery Evaluation of Business Associates Through Expert Systems
Daniela Barajas Cicourel, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Mexico
10.30-11.00 Break
  ISO 9001 QMS Standard: A Key Building Block for Business Excellence
Harnek Singh, Asia Pacific Quality Organisation, Singapore
  Paper and poster: A Blended Learning Approach to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Education for European Students
Mikko Rajala, Henri Jarrett, Jukka-Matti Turtiainen, Aalto University, Finland
  ISO 9001:2015 - Efficient Transition to an Effective System
Kristin Case, PE CaseConsults, USA
  Using Clustering Analysis and SN Ratio to Classify Quality Attributes in the Kano Model: An Empirical Study
Li-Fei Chen, Wei-Chia Huang, Dimitri Cayard, Chao-Ton Su, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  Pragmatic quality
Francisco Aguilera Lozano, Faurecia, Spain
  Poster: Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System 2015 Revision in Petrochemical Sector
Ömer Özkan, Petkim Petrochemicals Inc., Turkey
FROM QUALITY TO EXCELLENCEModule chair: Tatjana Fink
  Quality management and Organization success
Isaac Sheps, Central committee for MSS, the Standards Institution of Israel, Israel
  Achieving excellence with structured networking: A Canadian Case Study
Manon Duclos, Jean-Claude Savard, Quebec Society for Quality (MQQ), Canada
  The excellent sales model
Tamas Kasza, International Consultant Association, Hungary
  Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) Maturity Assessment Model
Mohit Singh, Mahavir P. Tiwari, Quality Council of India, an autonomous body of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, Institution of Engineers Building, India; Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, India
  Poster: The Impact of the Organization Management System Model on its Level of Excellence: The Case of Slovakia
Kristina Zgodavova, Oto Hudec, Iveta Paulova, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
  Will the Quality Profession Survive the Digital Revolution?
Willy Vandenbrande, QS Consult, Belgium
  KCDM project: Achieving Business Excellence Through Design
Miha Klinar, Gigodesign, Slovenia
  Goal-oriented leadership for better employee commitment and quality processes
Jelica L. Lajovic, Aleš Mikeln, Iskratel, Vzajemna, Slovenia
  Quality recruitment in digital era
Živa Cotič, Jani Zupan, Profil d.o.o., Slovenia
  Dynamic Growth of People and Organisaton: Innovation from Slovenian Practice
Edita Krajnovič, Mediade d.o.o., Slovenia
  Cognitive manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Dejan Podgoršek, IBM Slovenija, d.o.o., Slovenia
  Failure rate forecasting as tool for quality improvement and cost reduction
Aleš Brglez, David Dokl, Matej Mogilnicki, Gorenje d.d., Slovenia
  Does the Possession of ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate guarantee the Information Security, and why not?
Miran Novak, Informatika, Slovenia
  Employee lifecycle with Identity Management
Evgen Jamnikar, Simon Feldin, Brihteja d.o.o., Slovenia
  Enterprise management system
Rok Sobočan, Tricikel, d.o.o., Slovenia
  Poster: Quality management in the era of IoT & Big Data: a case study in ETO company
Borut Rihtaršič, Alojzij Sluga, Litostroj Power d.o.o., Slovenia
EU / SINO FORUMModule chair: Tang Xiaoqing
  Practice of Quality Assurance for Nuclear Power Research Project Base on Merging Quality Management System
Xu Jiangming, Jia Weijiang, Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
  High-quality Service Contributes to Excellent Brand
Peng Lihua, Ding Yuankang, Yang Kun, Qingdao Winxin Bus Company of Jiaoyun Group, China
  Quality Made in China - is this the New Normal?
Geert Roelens, G@speak, Belgium
  What is the future of Quality, Global perspective .....
Niklas Blomqvist, Swedish Association for Quality (SEAQ), Sweden
12.30-14.30 Lunch break
  An integrated model to improve competitiveness in the public sector - UAE National Agenda and Performance Management Framework
Maryam Al Hamadi, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, UAE
  The new era of management system standards - contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals for 2030
Nigel H. Croft, ISO/TC176/SC2 (Quality Systems), UK
  Quality Management in the Digital Era
Velimir Srića, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  Manifesto for agile quality management
Benedikt Sommerhoff, DGQ, Germany
  Quality Theory as a tool from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight
Noriaki Kano, Tokyo University of Science, Japan